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Online Coding classes

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How it works?

We start with a bootcamp

During your child's initial coding lessons, they will embark on an exciting journey to grasp the fundamental principles of coding.

These lessons serve a dual purpose by not only equipping your child with essential coding knowledge but also enabling us to meticulously assess their learning style, preferences, and strengths. This valuable insight will guide us in selecting a teacher who aligns perfectly with your child's unique needs and ensures a highly personalized and effective learning experience.

Private or Group lessons

Your child has the option to engage in one-on-one instruction with a dedicated teacher or become part of a group of peers who share their age and coding proficiency, collaborating on exciting coding projects collectively.

New project every 4 weeks

Every four weeks, they will craft their own projects and gain the skills to personalize them according to their unique designs.

Developing real coding skills

Each lesson will progressively enhance your child's comprehension of essential coding principles, such as functions, variables, loops, and coordinates.

Monthly Coding Camp


New themes every month

Each month, we unveil fresh themes, introducing novel concepts and lessons that revolve around captivating topics such as space exploration, enchanting magic, thrilling sports, and more.


Award winning curriculam

Our curriculum encourages a hands-on approach, enabling students to freely explore and experiment with their ideas. This approach fosters deeply engaged learning, helping students not only grasp the "what" but also internalize the "why" behind concepts and skills.


Expert teachers

Our classes are led by a team of professional educators, software developers, and computer science graduates who have undergone rigorous vetting and training at Maklab. They are not only highly qualified but also exceptionally skilled in engaging with children.

coding programs

We are offering


Online coding classes

Introducing weekly sessions with a fresh theme every month.The best recommended for beginners


Coding courses

Offering short-term coding courses in Python, game design, robotics, IoT, AI, and more.


Coding camps

Offline and online camps during holidays and vacation period.STEM clubs and after school clubs included

Try 4 weeks for only INR 499/-