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At Maklab Innovations, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing education. Our Industrial Training Programs go beyond traditional classrooms, offering students and individuals a unique opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience through project-based training.

How it works?

We start with a bootcamp

Our industrial training programs kick off with an exhilarating boot camp experience. This intensive initiation sets the tone for the entire training journey. During the boot camp, participants dive headfirst into the world of practical learning, where theory meets application. It's a dynamic and immersive experience designed to ignite curiosity, foster teamwork, and prepare individuals for the exciting challenges ahead. The boot camp serves as the foundation upon which participants build their skills, confidence, and enthusiasm for the real-world projects that await them.

Project-Centric Learning

We focus on real-world projects, ensuring that participants actively engage in product development across various domains.

Not Just Lessons

Unlike conventional courses, we immerse students in practical development, making them integral to product development teams.

Inclusive Programs

Our training programs cater to a diverse audience, from college students to professionals, with or without an engineering background.

Industrial Training By Maklab


Live Project Engagement

Participants work on live projects, gaining hands-on experience and practical skills.


Internship Opportunities

We provide internship opportunities to bridge the gap between education and industry.


Placement Assistance

Our resources are geared toward making participants industry-ready and helping them secure job placements.

training programs

We are offering


College-Level Programs

For ongoing students ,weekly sessions year-round, flexible to accommodate college schedules.


Professional Programs

Industry-ready courses designed for individuals at any career stage.


Advanced Level Courses

Featuring specialized courses for advance skill development

Featured courses

Python Full stack

Master Python and web development. Create dynamic websites and applications. Perfect for beginners and experienced developers. .

Embedded design

Explore embedded systems and IoT. Learn microcontroller programming and hardware interfacing. Gain the skills for the devices of tomorrow.

Java Full Stack Course

Become a Java Full Stack developer. Blend backend and frontend technologies. Create high-performance web apps for diverse industries.

Data Science & AI Courses

Dive into Data Science and AI. Analyze data, build machine learning models, and innovate with AI. Elevate your tech skills for the future.

Not Just Another Training Course

It's Startup School​

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