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Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s kids. That’s why we’re working to empower kids everywhere to solve the epic challenges ahead.

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Maklab Innovations is an ed-tech company that ventures to manufacture of electronic hardware and software products for prototyping and learning of electronic design and computer coding. Our goal is to habituate hardware and software education through gamification and computational thinking.

Tinker Kits

We make computer programming and electronic designing as simple as playing a game.

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Programming Apps

Our product range includes blockly apps which helps the kids to learn computer programming from an early age just like they playing with building blocks.

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Interactive Games

Our interactive games promotes technology and stem education in a funny way

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Internet Of Things

Our research team creates Kids friendly IOT modules for experimenting connected devices from their home and schools.

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Educational Toys

We are implementing education through gamification.Our educational toys such as autonomous cars and interactive robots teach kids future technologies like machine learning and computer vision in a gamely manner.

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Technology Tutorials

Our kids centric technology tutorials such as story books,videos,physical activities which are designed by our academic research team make STEM education easy and fun

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Mak Slate

makslate is a computing device for kids for learning technology from an early age

Makslate is your child's new innovation partner

makslate v1.1

makslate v1.0

Make your own products

Makslate helps your child to make customised electronic products,Internet of Things,Robots,Autonomous cars and more.They can experiment their STEM lessons in the physical world

Learn real code

Step-by-step challenges level you up slowly. Programming activities in makslate using drag and drop blocks enable you to advance in Python,Javascript,UNIX and more

Make Art,Games and Music

Makslate loaded with drag and drop blockly apps for creating our own games ,compose music,create art and explore more

Why kids need coding

Computer coding is the language of innovation.Most of the future jobs are depends on computer coding.So we have to ready our kids for facing future challenges.The best way to do that is learning computer coding.

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